Snöflingans Intenzo + Milleniums Gt Ch Odd Molly

Farm: Solens

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Snöflingans Intenzo
Crooked: Easy
Straight: Easy
High: Not elite
Long: Not elite


Milleniums Gt Ch Odd Molly
Crooked: Elite - 13 Certificate - Champion
Straight: Elite - 5 Certificate - Champion
High: Elite - 8 Certificate - 95.0 cm
Long: Elite - 220.0 cm

Birthday: 1/15/2021
Babies at birth: 3 pcs
Theme: Lejonkungen
Club: Skånes Kaninhoppare - SKH
Totalt inbreed: 0%


Hakuna MatataMaleSiames/Svart Japantecknad--
He Lives In YouMaleViltzobel
I Just Can´t Wait to Be KingMaleViltgrå