Milleniums Strawberry & Cheesecake

Information about rabbit

Name: Milleniums Strawberry & Cheesecake
Nick name: Chessie
Sex: Female
Breeding information:
Color: -
Birthday: 5/1/2014
Mother: Pralinens As Bees In Honey Drown
Father: Amores (NO) Gd Ch Perspicuous
Borrower: -
Handler: My Lindahl Olsson
Owner: (not registered in Skuttli)
Farm - OTHER: Milleniums
Farm name code: -
Union: OTHER
Country Sweden
Deceased: Yes
RegNr: S-8736
Straight: Moderate - 1 Point
Crooked: Moderate
High: Not elite
Long: Not elite
Title: -


Advancement points

Straight Moderate - 1 st


Crooked Easy - 3 st


Straight Easy - 3 st


Handler log

Previous handlerDate for change

Results in course

12/1/2018Straight Moderate21 of 29My Lindahl Olsson 3107.75SKHLandskrona Ridklubb i Landskrona
10/27/2018Crooked Moderate5 of 20My Lindahl Olsson 1+1142.51SKHTomelilla
9/22/2018Crooked Moderate5 of 9My Lindahl Olsson 2+1208.46SKHLinderöd i Kristianstad
7/7/2018Straight Moderate 1UPLMy Lindahl Olsson NITÖSKHKlubbkampen med Lyckocuperna, Örestads Ryttaresällskap i Malmö
7/7/2018Straight Moderate 2UPLMy Lindahl Olsson NITÖSKHKlubbkampen med Lyckocuperna, Örestads Ryttaresällskap i Malmö
5/6/2018Straight Moderate22 of 48My Lindahl Olsson 1+NIT51.91SKHBotaniska Trädgården i Lund
3/10/2018Straight Moderate35 of 62My Lindahl Olsson 346.24SKHLandskrona Ridklubb i Landskrona
2/18/2018Straight Moderate8 of 50My Lindahl Olsson 0+064.94 Prize Point SKHAlla Hjärtans Cuper, Goentorps Gård i Åstorp
2/17/2018Crooked Moderate33 of 38My Lindahl Olsson 594.62SKHAlla Hjärtans Cuper, Goentorps Gård i Åstorp
1/27/2018Straight Moderate13 of 46My Lindahl Olsson 2+165.88SKHGoentorps Gård i Åstorp
1/13/2018Crooked Moderate30 of 32My Lindahl Olsson 460.06SKHGoentorps Gård i Åstorp
12/16/2017Straight Moderate - New19 of 24My Lindahl Olsson 4100.37SKHJultävling, Goentorps Gård i Åstorp
11/25/2017Crooked Easy8 of 41My Lindahl Olsson 1+091.91 Prize Point Advancement SKHEslöv
11/11/2017Crooked Easy10 of 27My Lindahl Olsson 1+069.45ÖSKHBillinge cup, Ridhus i Billinge
11/5/2017Straight Moderate16 of 25My Lindahl Olsson 339.84SKHSkånesmästerskapet, Kvidinge i Åstorp
11/4/2017Crooked Easy 14 of 53My Lindahl Olsson 0+085.88 Prize Point SKHSkånesmästerskapet, Kvidinge i Åstorp
11/4/2017Crooked Easy 28 of 49My Lindahl Olsson 1+0106.53 Prize Point SKHSkånesmästerskapet, Kvidinge i Åstorp
10/21/2017Straight EasyOOCMy Lindahl Olsson 0+061.98SKHSkånetrofén & Rosa Bandet, Landskrona Ridklubb i Landskrona
10/31/2015Straight ModerateUPLDeleted UserNITSKHGoentorps Gård i Kvidinge
10/17/2015Crooked Easy17 of 34Deleted User1+2126.32SKHBlå Hallen i Höganäs
9/26/2015Straight ModerateUPLMy Lindahl Olsson NITSKHÄngelholm
8/1/2015Crooked EasyUPLMy Lindahl Olsson NITÖSKHBotaniska trädgården i Lund
7/26/2015Crooked EasyUPLMy Lindahl Olsson NITSKHKlippan
6/28/2015Crooked Easy23 of 34My Lindahl Olsson 1115.53SKHBotaniska trädgården, Lund
6/16/2015Straight ModerateUPLMy Lindahl Olsson NITSKHKvällstävling, Östra Strö i Eslöv
6/14/2015Straight Moderate27 of 29My Lindahl Olsson 786.97SKHÅsbo Ponnyklubb, Breeders Trophy i Klippan
6/13/2015Straight Moderate23 of 25My Lindahl Olsson 462.47SKHÅsbo Ponnyklubb, Breeders Trophy i Klippan
6/6/2015Straight Easy6 of 33My Lindahl Olsson 0+148.51 Prize Point Advancement SKHLägertävling i Klippan i klubbstugan
5/31/2015Straight Easy2 of 39My Lindahl Olsson 0+076.74 Prize Point SKHJubileumstävlingen, Höör
5/30/2015Crooked Easy25 of 62My Lindahl Olsson 1+1154.47SKHJubileumstävlingen, Höör
5/14/2015Crooked Easy10 of 37My Lindahl Olsson 2+186.66SKHEslöv
4/6/2015Straight Easy15 of 36My Lindahl Olsson 0+252.28SKHKvidinge
4/5/2015Crooked Easy26 of 43My Lindahl Olsson 1+291.05SKHKvidinge
3/28/2015Crooked Easy - New17 of 29My Lindahl Olsson 159.75SKHKvidinge
3/7/2015Straight Easy - New6 of 44My Lindahl Olsson 1+073.00 Prize Point SKHKvidinge
2/14/2015Crooked Easy - New35 of 44My Lindahl Olsson 4104.40SKHKvidinge
1/24/2015Straight Easy - New27 of 35My Lindahl Olsson 432.34SKHHöganäs
12/20/2014Crooked Easy - New23 of 35My Lindahl Olsson 276.81SKHKvidinge
11/15/2014Straight Easy33 of 60My Lindahl Olsson 1+253.44SKHKvidinge
10/26/2014Crooked Easy44 of 50My Lindahl Olsson 387.94SKHKvidinge
10/25/2014Straight Easy37 of 58Maja Lindahl Olsson4110.44SKHKvidinge

Results in hight jump and long jump


Cup results

DateClubLocationCupClass typePlacingHandlerPointsPlacing
6/13/2015SKHÅsbo Ponnyklubb, Breeders Trophy, KlippanEmmchens CupModerate19 of 20My Lindahl Olsson 5023,27
5/30/2015SKHHöörCoscos CupEasy4 of 23My Lindahl Olsson 272,25

Competition statistics

AwardsCrooked/Straight7 of 40 (17.5 %)
Personal recordHigh0 cm
Personal recordLong0 cm

Family tree