My Dove

Information about rabbit

Name: My Dove
Nick name: Rafiki
Sex: Male
Breeding information:
Color: Blå
Birthday: 5/22/2016
Age: 7 year, 10 month and 21 days
Mother: Be Prepared
Father: Dangerous Freiheit
Borrower: -
Handler: Mollie Zetterquist
Owner: Mollie Zetterquist
Farm name code: -
Union: SKHRF
Country Sweden
RegNr: S-10884
Straight: Difficult
Crooked: Moderate
High: Not elite - 1 Point
Long: Not elite
Title: -


Advancement points

Straight Moderate - 3 st


Crooked Easy - 3 st


Straight Easy - 3 st


High Not elite - 1 st


Handler log

Previous handlerDate for change

Results in course

1/5/2019STKHStockholm - Upplands-VäsbyStraight Difficult 1OPLMollie ZetterquistNIT0
1/5/2019STKHStockholm - Upplands-VäsbyStraight Difficult 2OPLMollie ZetterquistNIT0
11/18/201808KTVästerhaninge - BlåkullaStraight Difficult - Rule EOPLMollie ZetterquistNIT0
9/16/201808KTVästerhaninge - MurarplanCrooked Moderate6 of 21Mollie Zetterquist1+1133.07
9/2/201808KTVästerhaninge - MurarplanCrooked Moderate17 of 22Mollie Zetterquist370.87
8/12/201808KTVästerhaninge - PenselgrändStraight Difficult - Rule E23 of 26Mollie Zetterquist4+4150.29
8/11/201808KTVästerhaninge - PenselgrändCrooked Moderate 127 of 32Mollie Zetterquist572.65
8/11/201808KTVästerhaninge - PenselgrändCrooked Moderate 2OPLMollie ZetterquistNIT0
7/29/201808KTNacka - HellasgårdenStraight Difficult - Rule DOPLMollie ZetterquistNIT0
7/28/201808KTNacka - HellasgårdenStraight Difficult 1OPLMollie ZetterquistNIT0
7/28/201808KTNacka - HellasgårdenStraight Difficult 2OPLMollie ZetterquistNIT0
6/12/201808KTTäby - SkarpängCrooked ModerateOPLMollie ZetterquistNIT0
6/10/201808KTÄlta - HedviglundsparkenStraight Difficult11 of 29Mollie Zetterquist437.09
6/9/2018STKHStockholms län - RyttarstadionStraight Difficult 121 of 23Mollie Zetterquist6117.16
6/9/2018STKHStockholms län - RyttarstadionStraight Difficult 2OPLMollie ZetterquistNIT0
5/10/201808KTÄlta - HedviglundsparkenCrooked Moderate17 of 33Mollie Zetterquist276.28
5/10/201808KTÄlta - HedviglundsparkenStraight Difficult - New14 of 18Mollie Zetterquist347.53
4/28/2018STKHHässelby - Gulsippans ParklekStraight Difficult26 of 30Mollie Zetterquist566.94
4/15/201808KTÄlta - HedviglundsparkenCrooked Moderate34 of 39Mollie Zetterquist6107.75
4/14/201808KTÄlta - HedviglundsparkenStraight DifficultOPLMollie ZetterquistNIT0
3/25/201808KTTungelsta - StavStraight Difficult 1OPLMollie ZetterquistNIT0
3/25/201808KTTungelsta - StavStraight Difficult 2OPLMollie ZetterquistNIT0
3/10/201808KTTungelsta - StavCrooked Moderate5 of 18Mollie Zetterquist3+0116.09
1/7/2018STKHStockholms län - ÅkersbergaStraight DifficultOPLDeleted UserNIT0
1/6/2018STKHStockholms län - ÅkersbergaStraight Difficult 1OPLMollie ZetterquistNIT0
1/6/2018STKHStockholms län - ÅkersbergaStraight Difficult 2OPLMollie ZetterquistNIT0
12/9/201708KTTungelsta - StavStraight Difficult12 of 14Mollie Zetterquist479.41
11/11/201708KTTungelsta - StavStraight Moderate4 of 25Mollie Zetterquist2+1119.15 Prize Point Advancement
10/21/2017STKHHässelby - GulsippanStraight Moderate19 of 26Mollie Zetterquist490.63
10/7/201708KTTäby - SkarpängStraight Moderate - Rule E16 of 32Mollie Zetterquist1+2114.69
9/23/201708KTTäby - SkarpängCrooked Moderate13 of 28Felicia Anrén1+2106.23
9/23/201708KTTäby - SkarpängStraight Moderate9 of 33Felicia Anrén2+0152.57
9/16/201708KTTäby - SkarpängStraight Moderate7 of 26Alma Alpstam2+1129.21
9/3/201708KTTäby - SkarpängCrooked Moderate19 of 31Lisa Öberg390.00
8/19/2017STKHHässelby - GulsippanStraight Moderate7 of 23Mollie Zetterquist1+170.69
8/13/201708KTVästerhaninge - PenselgrändCrooked Moderate 19 of 15Mollie Zetterquist257.87
8/13/201708KTVästerhaninge - PenselgrändCrooked Moderate 211 of 14Mollie Zetterquist5121.28
8/12/201708KTVästerhaninge - PenselgrändStraight Moderate 13 of 13Mollie Zetterquist0+2133.10 Prize Point
8/12/201708KTVästerhaninge - PenselgrändStraight Moderate 25 of 13Mollie Zetterquist2+2139.90
7/30/201708KTNacka - HellasgårdenStraight Moderate 111 of 53Mollie Zetterquist1+141.56 Prize Point
7/30/201708KTNacka - HellasgårdenStraight Moderate 222 of 52Mollie Zetterquist237.91
7/22/2017STKHHässelby - Gulsippans parklekCrooked Moderate6 of 11Mollie Zetterquist2+1132.38
7/19/201708KTTäby - SkarpängCrooked Easy3 of 25Mollie Zetterquist2+091.82 Prize Point Advancement
7/13/2017STKHHässelby - Gulsippans parklekStraight Moderate9 of 29Felicia Anrén1+2144.68
7/2/201708KTVästerhaninge - PenselgrändStraight Moderate - Rule D12 of 27Mollie Zetterquist4+287.52
6/29/2017STKHHässelby - Gulsippans parklekCrooked Easy1 of 28Mollie Zetterquist0+099.25 Prize Point
6/21/2017STKHHässelby - Gulsippans parklekStraight ModerateOPLMollie ZetterquistNIT0
6/14/201708KTVästerhaninge - PenselgrändStraight ModerateOPLMollie ZetterquistNIT0
6/11/2017STKHHässelby - Gulsippans ParklekStraight Easy7 of 41Alma Alpstam0+174.59 Prize Point Advancement
6/4/2017STKHVästerhaninge - Berga NaturbruksgymnasiumCrooked Easy29 of 53Mollie Zetterquist175.84
6/3/2017STKHVästerhaninge - Berga NaturbruksgymnasiumStraight Easy3 of 70Mollie Zetterquist0+077.90 Prize Point
4/23/201708KTÄlta - HedviglundsparkenCrooked Easy 118 of 54Mollie Zetterquist0+3101.21
4/23/201708KTÄlta - HedviglundsparkenCrooked Easy 223 of 47Mollie Zetterquist290.06
4/22/201708KTÄlta - HedviglundsparkenStraight Easy32 of 50Mollie Zetterquist279.93
4/16/2017STKHHässelby - Gulsippans parklekStraight EasyOPLMollie ZetterquistNIT0
4/15/2017STKHHässelby - Gulsippans parklekCrooked Easy28 of 56Mollie Zetterquist1+NIT62.28
3/25/201708KTÄlta - HedviglundsparkenCrooked EasyOPLMollie ZetterquistNIT0
3/25/201708KTÄlta - HedviglundsparkenStraight EasyOPLMollie ZetterquistNIT0
3/12/2017STKHÅkersberga - Åkersberga RidhusStraight Easy17 of 29Mollie Zetterquist1+187.84
2/26/2017STKHÅkersberga - Åkersberga RidhusStraight Easy23 of 50Mollie Zetterquist1+0105.69
2/5/2017STKHÅkersberga - Åkersberga ridcenterCrooked Easy 136 of 39Felicia Anrén373.66
2/5/2017STKHÅkersberga - Åkersberga ridcenterCrooked Easy 239 of 41Felicia Anrén3103.32
1/28/201708KTTungelsta - Hästsjukhuset StavStraight Easy11 of 28Mollie Zetterquist1+2161.32
1/14/201708KTTungelsta - Hästsjukhuset StavCrooked Easy 215 of 30Mollie Zetterquist1+1172.13
1/14/201708KTTungelsta - Hästsjukhuset StavCrooked Easy - New 111 of 58Mollie Zetterquist0+1151.97 Prize Point
12/10/201608KTTungelsta - Hästsjukhuset StavCrooked Easy - New6 of 25Mollie Zetterquist2+0161.34
11/27/201608KTTungelsta - Hästsjukhuset StavStraight Easy - New 15 of 20Mollie Zetterquist1+2129.03
11/27/201608KTTungelsta - Hästsjukhuset StavStraight Easy - New 24 of 16Mollie Zetterquist2+1185.93 Prize Point
11/12/201608KTTungelsta - Hästsjukhuset StavCrooked Easy - New8 of 22Mollie Zetterquist3+2172.93
10/22/201608KTTäby - SkarpängsängStraight Easy - Rule D15 of 43Mollie Zetterquist1+399.69

Results in hight jump and long jump

9/16/201808KTVästerhaninge - MurarplanHigh Not elite18 of 27Mollie Zetterquist60.0 cm Point
6/10/201808KTÄlta - HedviglundsparkenHigh Not elite24 of 25Mollie Zetterquist50.0 cm
5/10/201808KTÄlta - HedviglundsparkenLong Not elite27 of 50Mollie Zetterquist140.0 cm
4/28/2018STKHHässelby - Gulsippans ParklekHigh Not eliteOPLMollie Zetterquist0 cm
3/25/201808KTTungelsta - StavLong Not eliteOPLMollie Zetterquist0 cm
11/11/201708KTTungelsta - StavLong Not eliteOPLMollie Zetterquist0 cm
9/3/201708KTTäby - SkarpängHigh Not eliteOPLMollie Zetterquist0 cm

Cup results

DateClubLocationCupClass typePlacingHandlerPointsPlacing
11/18/201808KTVästerhaninge - BlåkullaSkogsråets CupDifficultUPLMollie Zetterquist31UPL(31)
8/12/201808KTVästerhaninge - PenselgrändMinimästaren RakDifficult14 of 17Mollie Zetterquist2323
7/28/201808KTNacka - HellasgårdenHBTQupenDifficultUPLMollie Zetterquist185UPL(58),UPL(63),UPL(64)
6/9/2018STKHStockholms län - RyttarstadionNinja La Silla CupDifficultUPLMollie Zetterquist4221,UPL(21)
10/7/201708KTTäby - SkarpängKajsa Kavats cupModerate14 of 27Mollie Zetterquist1616
7/30/201708KTNacka - HellasgårdenQX-cupenModerate12 of 53Mollie Zetterquist3311,22
6/3/2017STKHVästerhaninge - Berga NaturbruksgymnasiumBimbos 2's NybörjarcupEasy6 of 44Mollie Zetterquist323,29
4/22/201708KTÄlta - HedviglundsparkenTulpancupenEasy14 of 20Mollie Zetterquist7318,23,32
4/15/2017STKHHässelby - Gulsippans parklekLilla PåskcupenEasyUPLMollie Zetterquist6428,UPL(36)

Competition statistics

AwardsCrooked/Straight9 of 70 (12.86 %)
AwardsHigh/Long1 of 7 (14.29 %)
Personal recordHigh60.0 cm
Personal recordLong140.0 cm

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