Fortunas Fiery Skipper

Information about rabbit

Name: Fortunas Fiery Skipper
Nick name: Flor
Sex: Female
Breeding information:
Color: Viltgul
Birthday: 9/19/2017
Age: 4 year, 1 month and 5 days
Mother: Fortunas Ewita
Father: Common Wave
Borrower: -
Handler: Vilma Lönn
Owner: Vilma Lönn
Farm - SKHRF: Fortunas
Union: SKHRF
Country Sweden
RegNr: S-12716
Straight: Moderate
Crooked: Easy - 1 Point
High: Not elite
Long: Not elite
Title: -


Advancement points

Crooked Easy - 1 st


Straight Easy - 3 st


Handler log

Previous handlerDate for change
Karin Ragnarsson12/5/2017

Results in course

9/18/2021SKHHöör - Höörs BrukshundsklubbStraight Moderate31 of 34Vilma Lönn6114.03
8/21/2021SKHKlippan - Rönne HundungdomStraight Moderate24 of 29Vilma Lönn570.34
8/14/2021ÖSKHBotaniska trädgården i LundStraight Moderate 138 of 39Vilma Lönn599.47
8/14/2021ÖSKHBotaniska trädgården i LundStraight Moderate 235 of 39Vilma Lönn440.34
6/27/2021SKHÅstorpCrooked EasyOPLVilma LönnNIT0
7/25/2020SKHSkåneCrooked Easy10 of 22Vilma Lönn2+195.41
3/7/2020SKHLandskrona - Landskrona RidklubbCrooked Easy19 of 45Vilma Lönn1+1112.96
2/16/2020SKHÅstorp - Goentorps GårdCrooked Easy33 of 77Vilma Lönn1+198.49
1/11/2020ÖSKHHörby - Frosta RyttarföreningStraight EasyUTVilma Lönn143.44
11/30/2019ÖSKHHörby - Frosta RyttarföreningStraight EasyUTVilma Lönn136.66
5/18/2019ÖSKHMalmö - JägersroCrooked Easy11 of 26Vilma Lönn4+0137.24
4/20/2019SKHÅstorp - Goentorps GårdStraight Moderate22 of 23Vilma Lönn5100.31
3/23/2019SKHÅstorp - Goentorps GårdStraight ModerateOPLVilma LönnNIT0
3/10/2019SKHLandskronaCrooked Easy7 of 26Vilma Lönn1+279.37
2/17/2019SKHÅstorp - Goentorps GårdStraight Moderate41 of 50Vilma Lönn544.31
2/3/2019ÖSKHHörby - Frosta RyttarföreningCrooked Easy10 of 42Vilma Lönn1+068.06
1/19/2019SKHÅstorps kommun - Kvidinge (Goentorps gård)Straight Moderate19 of 28Kajsa Henriksson550.32
1/13/2019VÄSKHFjärås - Fjärås Ridskola Straight Moderate34 of 48Vilma Lönn854.71
12/15/2018SKHÅstorp - Goentorps GårdCrooked Easy11 of 33Vilma Lönn1+260.68
12/1/2018SKHLandskrona - Landskrona RidklubbStraight Moderate26 of 29Vilma Lönn552.00
11/18/2018SKHÅstorp - Goentorpsgården Straight Moderate24 of 33Kajsa Henriksson534.42
11/17/2018SKHÅstorp - Goentorpsgården Crooked Easy 111 of 49Vilma Lönn1+066.69
11/17/2018SKHÅstorp - Goentorpsgården Crooked Easy 224 of 39Vilma Lönn234.83
10/14/2018KoKHKalmar - Krankelösa Crooked Easy7 of 22Vilma Lönn1+199.48
9/22/2018KoKHKalmar - Skälby 4H gårdStraight Easy 16 of 30Vilma Lönn1+052.04 Prize Point Advancement
9/22/2018KoKHKalmar - Skälby 4H gårdStraight Easy 212 of 30Vilma Lönn1+042.69 *Only Cup
9/9/2018VÄSKHVästra götaland - Balltorps fritidsföreningCrooked Easy - New3 of 24Vilma Lönn3+074.64 Prize Point
8/25/2018SKHKlippanCrooked Easy6 of 25Vilma Lönn0+177.28
8/12/201808KTVästerhaninge - PenselgrändStraight Easy 18 of 46Vilma Lönn1+049.93 Prize Point
8/12/201808KTVästerhaninge - PenselgrändStraight Easy 211 of 38Vilma Lönn114.81
8/11/201808KTVästerhaninge - PenselgrändCrooked Easy 116 of 52Vilma Lönn1+264.59
8/11/201808KTVästerhaninge - PenselgrändCrooked Easy 215 of 50Vilma Lönn1+169.93
8/8/2018SKHÄngelholm - HaradalStraight Easy12 of 32Vilma Lönn1+255.59
7/26/2018SKHÄngelholm - HjärnarpCrooked Easy7 of 14Vilma Lönn1+2155.58
7/1/2018SKHÅstorp - Åstorps RyttarföreningCrooked Easy30 of 47Vilma Lönn296.03
6/30/2018SKHÅstorp - Åstorps RyttarföreningCrooked Easy41 of 53Vilma Lönn4106.91
6/10/2018ÖKHMjölby - HogstadCrooked Easy 123 of 47Vilma Lönn238.41
6/10/2018ÖKHMjölby - HogstadCrooked Easy 218 of 39Vilma Lönn0+360.13
5/6/2018SKHLund - Botaniska TrädgårdenStraight Easy12 of 40Vilma Lönn2+049.83
4/8/2018KoKHKalmar - Skälby 4H gårdStraight Easy2 of 64Vilma Lönn0+030.90 Prize Point
4/7/2018KoKHKalmar - Skälby 4H gårdStraight Easy 118 of 68Vilma Lönn1+053.94
4/7/2018KoKHKalmar - Skälby 4H gårdStraight Easy 225 of 65Vilma Lönn1+142.86
3/24/2018ÖKHMotalaCrooked Easy41 of 47Vilma Lönn565.94
3/10/2018SKHLandskrona - Landskrona RidklubbStraight Easy48 of 57Vilma Lönn566.38

Results in hight jump and long jump


Competition statistics

AwardsCrooked/Straight4 of 42 (9.52 %)
Personal recordHigh0 cm
Personal recordLong0 cm

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