Fortunas Red Admiral

Information about rabbit

Name: Fortunas Red Admiral
Nick name: Zingo
Sex: Male
Breeding information:
Color: Viltgul
Birthday: 9/19/2017
Age: 4 year, 1 month and 5 days
Mother: Fortunas Ewita
Father: Common Wave
Borrower: -
Handler: Thea Lind
Owner: Thea Lind
Farm - SKHRF: Fortunas
Union: SKHRF
Country Sweden
RegNr: S-12723
Straight: Moderate
Crooked: Moderate
High: Not elite
Long: Not elite
Title: -


Advancement points

Crooked Easy - 3 st


Straight Easy - 3 st


Handler log

Previous handlerDate for change
Karin Ragnarsson11/27/2017

Results in course

9/18/2021RoKHNorrtälje kommun - Riala skolaStraight Moderate6 of 7Thea Lind2+374.31
8/7/2021RoKHNorrtälje kommun Straight Moderate21 of 22Thea Lind7117.50
7/11/2021RoKHNorrtälje kommun - Riala skolaCrooked Moderate - NewOPLJosephine LindNIT0
7/3/2021RoKHNorrtälje kommun - Riala skolaStraight Moderate19 of 21Josephine Lind794.19
6/19/2021RoKHNorrtälje kommun - Riala skolaCrooked Moderate - NewOPLLoha LindNIT0
6/13/2021RoKHNorrtälje kommun - Riala skolaStraight Moderate - New4 of 5Loha Lind4+4130.41
10/25/2020RoKHNorrtälje kommunCrooked Easy2 of 7Thea Lind0+153.43 Prize Point Advancement
10/11/2020RoKHNorrtälje kommun - Riala skolaStraight Moderate14 of 21Thea Lind6+5176.17
9/26/2020RoKHNorrtälje kommun - Riala skolaStraight Moderate7 of 9Elva Lind329.22
9/19/2020RoKHNorrtälje kommun - Riala skolaCrooked Easy 16 of 7Elva Lind5+190.30
9/19/2020RoKHNorrtälje kommun - Riala skolaCrooked Easy 23 of 7Thea Lind1+0136.48
8/22/2020RoKHNorrtälje kommun - Riala skolaStraight Moderate10 of 12Thea Lind8102.18
8/8/2020RoKHNorrtälje kommun - Hallstavik, Sparbanken IPCrooked Easy2 of 14Thea Lind1+0100.14 Prize Point
7/16/2020RoKHNorrtälje kommun - RialaCrooked Easy9 of 16Thea Lind3+283.09
7/4/2020RoKHRiala - Riala skolaStraight Moderate - New5 of 9Thea Lind557.90
2/29/2020RoKHHallstavik - Hallstaviks ridhusCrooked Easy12 of 17Thea Lind369.94
2/15/2020GKHTGävle - Gävle HundungdomCrooked Easy 1OPLThea LindNIT0
2/15/2020GKHTGävle - Gävle HundungdomCrooked Easy 25 of 17Thea Lind3+2137.94
11/16/2019RoKHHallstavik - Hallstaviks ridhusCrooked Easy7 of 13Thea Lind2+1101.38
11/10/2019STKHÅkersberga - Skånsta RidhusStraight Moderate25 of 29Thea Lind8103.10
10/12/2019RoKHNorrtälje kommun - Riala skolaStraight Moderate18 of 25Thea Lind664.94
10/5/2019ÖLKHÖrebro - Vittvångs ridhusStraight Moderate24 of 27Thea Lind889.06
9/28/2019RoKHNorrtälje kommun - Riala skola Straight Moderate9 of 12Thea Lind445.28
9/7/2019RoKHHallstavik - Sparbanken IP (Hallsta IP)Crooked Easy12 of 16Thea Lind333.33
8/24/2019RoKHNorrtälje kommun - Riala skolaStraight Easy2 of 13Thea Lind0+036.66 Prize Point Advancement
8/4/2019RoKHHallstavik - Hallstaviks IPCrooked Easy13 of 17Josephine Lind1+379.86
7/14/2019GKHTSandvikenStraight Easy 113 of 35Thea Lind233.56
7/14/2019GKHTSandvikenStraight Easy 225 of 35Thea Lind345.96
7/6/2019RoKHNorrtälje kommun - I Josephines trädgårdCrooked Easy19 of 21Thea Lind485.41
6/29/2019RoKHFaringe - Hos KarinStraight Easy 118 of 34Thea Lind231.81
6/29/2019RoKHFaringe - Hos KarinStraight Easy 214 of 33Thea Lind1+176.66
6/28/2019RoKHFaringe - Hos KarinCrooked Easy25 of 31Thea Lind370.63
6/9/2019ULKHUppsala - UppsalaCrooked Easy31 of 66Josephine Lind254.43
5/1/2019RoKHNorrtälje kommun - Riala skolaCrooked Easy14 of 18Thea Lind150.29
4/19/2019RoKHRiala - Riala skola Straight Easy 14 of 26Thea Lind0+055.29 Prize Point
4/19/2019RoKHRiala - Riala skola Straight Easy 226 of 29Thea Lind225.91
3/31/2019STKHUpplands Väsby - Vällsta GårdStraight Easy30 of 69Thea Lind132.34
3/16/2019GKHTGävle - Gefle BoulecenterCrooked Easy 123 of 46Thea Lind345.37
3/16/2019GKHTGävle - Gefle BoulecenterCrooked Easy 219 of 42Thea Lind346.47
2/24/2019ULKHUppsala - ÅrstaCrooked Easy - New6 of 30Josephine Lind0+169.96 Prize Point
11/18/201808KTVästerhaninge - BlåkullaStraight Easy - Rule E28 of 47Josephine Lind2+275.66
10/6/2018GKHTÄlvkarleby - Älvkarleby IPStraight Easy 115 of 43Thea Lind1+151.88
10/6/2018GKHTÄlvkarleby - Älvkarleby IPStraight Easy 233 of 41Thea Lind320.97
9/29/2018ULKHUppsala - ÅrstaStraight Easy19 of 36Thea Lind229.71
9/1/2018RoKHRiala - Riala skolaCrooked Easy - New12 of 13Thea Lind583.38
8/19/2018RoKHRiala - RialaStraight Easy - New4 of 16Josephine Lind2+050.43 Prize Point
7/29/2018RoKHRiala - Riala skolaCrooked Easy - New19 of 20Thea Lind6107.90
6/30/2018ULKHUppsala - ÅrstaCrooked Easy - NewOPLThea LindNIT0
6/28/2018RoKHAlmunge - FaringeCrooked Easy23 of 26Thea Lind6100.56
6/27/2018RoKHAlmunge - FaringeStraight Easy 1 - Rule D16 of 19Thea Lind5+1127.90
6/27/2018RoKHAlmunge - FaringeStraight Easy 214 of 21Thea Lind228.19
6/24/2018STKHHässelby - Gulsippans parklekStraight Easy - New17 of 39Josephine Lind348.59
6/18/2018RoKHNorrtälje - RialaCrooked EasyOPLThea LindNIT0
6/6/2018RoKHNorrtälje - Riala Straight Easy 1OPLThea LindNIT0
6/6/2018RoKHNorrtälje - Riala Straight Easy 221 of 32Thea Lind1+3131.82
4/28/2018STKHHässelby - Gulsippans ParklekStraight Easy - NewOPLThea LindNIT0
4/14/201808KTÄlta - HedviglundsparkenStraight EasyOPLJosephine LindNIT0
3/30/2018ÖLKHÖrebro - Vittvångs RidhusCrooked Mini 2OPLThea LindNIT0

Results in hight jump and long jump


Competition statistics

AwardsCrooked/Straight6 of 58 (10.34 %)
Personal recordHigh0 cm
Personal recordLong0 cm

Family tree