SE*Silverados Love Of My Life

Information about rabbit

Name: SE*Silverados Love Of My Life
Nick name:
Sex: Male
Breeding information:
Color: madagaskar
Birthday: 9/25/2017
Age: 6 year, 0 month and 2 days
Mother: SE*Silverados Missile Toe
Father: SE*Silverados Zumanity
Borrower: -
Handler: Marit Bjerner
Owner: Marit Bjerner
Farm - SKHRF: Silverados
Farm name code: SE* - Sveriges Kaninhoppares Riksförbund
Union: SKHRF
Country Sweden
RegNr: S-12531
Straight: Moderate - 2 Advancement points
Crooked: Moderate - 2 Advancement points
High: Not elite
Long: Not elite
Title: -


Advancement points

Crooked Moderate - 2 st


Straight Moderate - 2 st


Crooked Easy - 3 st


Straight Easy - 3 st


Handler log

Previous handlerDate for change
Sandra Rudeberg2/2/2018

Results in course

9/22/2018WKHBorlänge - Hagagymnasiets grusplanCrooked Moderate 117 of 22Marit Bjerner4116.66
9/22/2018WKHBorlänge - Hagagymnasiets grusplanCrooked Moderate 214 of 19Marit Bjerner4106.71
9/2/2018GKHTÄlvkarleby - Älvkarleby IPStraight Moderate14 of 18Marit Bjerner3107.78
9/1/2018WKHBorlänge - Hagagymnasiets grusplanStraight ModerateOPLMarit BjernerNIT0
8/19/2018WKHBorlänge - Hagagymnasiets grusplanStraight ModerateOPLMarit BjernerNIT0
8/18/2018WKHBorlänge - Hagagymnasiets grusplanCrooked Moderate 18 of 20Marit Bjerner1+2122.24
8/18/2018WKHBorlänge - Hagagymnasiets grusplanCrooked Moderate 212 of 20Marit Bjerner279.60
8/12/2018HäKHHudiksvall - BorgaparkenStraight Moderate 17 of 27Marit Bjerner1+191.04
8/12/2018HäKHHudiksvall - BorgaparkenStraight Moderate 22 of 24Marit Bjerner0+062.03 Prize Point
8/11/2018HäKHHudiksvall - BorgaparkenCrooked Moderate 15 of 26Marit Bjerner1+1128.50 Prize Point
8/11/2018HäKHHudiksvall - BorgaparkenCrooked Moderate 23 of 24Marit Bjerner1+0114.97 Prize Point
7/31/2018WKHBorlänge - Hagagymnasiets grusplanStraight Moderate3 of 14Marit Bjerner1+091.44 Prize Point
7/25/2018GKHTSandviken - HögboStraight Moderate10 of 18Marit Bjerner3+2133.69
7/18/2018WKHBorlänge - Hagagymnasiets grusplanStraight Moderate5 of 17Marit Bjerner1+085.53
6/20/2018WKHBorlänge - Hagagymnasiets grusplanStraight Moderate8 of 23Marit Bjerner1+0100.31
6/17/2018HäKHHudiksvall kommun - BorgaparkenCrooked Easy 14 of 21Marit Bjerner0+093.54 Prize Point Advancement
6/17/2018HäKHHudiksvall kommun - BorgaparkenCrooked Easy 2OOCMarit Bjerner0+0111.89
6/10/201808KTÄlta - HedviglundsparkenStraight Moderate 121 of 32Marit Bjerner169.07
6/10/201808KTÄlta - HedviglundsparkenStraight Moderate 227 of 33Marit Bjerner4103.34
6/6/2018WKHBorlänge - Hagagymnasiets grusplan Straight Easy 122 of 37Marit Bjerner2101.34
6/6/2018WKHBorlänge - Hagagymnasiets grusplan Straight Easy 23 of 27Saga Larsson1+094.28 Prize Point Advancement
5/26/2018WKHBorlänge - Hagagymnasiets grusplanCrooked Easy 22 of 20Marit Bjerner0+079.16 Prize Point
5/26/2018WKHBorlänge - Hagagymnasiets grusplanCrooked Easy - New 11 of 39Marit Bjerner0+0104.34 Prize Point
5/12/2018GKHTSandviken - HögboStraight Easy 111 of 54Marit Bjerner0+1171.70 Prize Point
5/12/2018GKHTSandviken - HögboStraight Easy 213 of 53Marit Bjerner1+1104.17
5/10/2018WKHBorlänge - Hagagymnasiets grusplanStraight Easy 131 of 50Marit Bjerner4109.07
5/10/2018WKHBorlänge - Hagagymnasiets grusplanStraight Easy 215 of 46Marit Bjerner0+1129.00
4/29/2018HäKHHudiksvalls kommun - Grusplan skidstadionStraight Easy - New1 of 15Marit Bjerner0+0178.35 Prize Point
4/14/2018WKHInsjön - Insjöns RidhusStraight Easy - New7 of 23Marit Bjerner1+0148.89
4/2/2018WKHFalun - Falu Djursjukhus Crooked EasyOPLMarit BjernerNIT0
4/1/2018WKHFalun - Falu Djursjukhus Crooked Easy 117 of 36Marit Bjerner498.94
4/1/2018WKHFalun - Falu Djursjukhus Crooked Easy 213 of 34Marit Bjerner2+1193.22
3/24/2018HäKHHudiksvalls kommun - Vedmora RidhusStraight Easy - New 120 of 27Marit Bjerner3103.07
3/24/2018HäKHHudiksvalls kommun - Vedmora RidhusStraight Easy - New 29 of 20Marit Bjerner1+1132.94
3/17/2018WKHFalun - Falu Djursjukhus Inomhushall Crooked Easy - NewOPLMarit BjernerNIT0

Results in hight jump and long jump


Cup results

DateClubLocationCupClass typePlacingHandlerPointsPlacing
8/18/2018WKHBorlänge - Hagagymnasiets grusplanGrenens CupModerate5 of 7Marit Bjerner458,12,UPL(25)
5/12/2018GKHTSandviken - HögboBu CancerEasy7 of 48Marit Bjerner2411,13
4/1/2018WKHFalun - Falu Djursjukhus ChokladkanincupenEasy9 of 20Marit Bjerner5013,17,UPL(20)

Competition statistics

AwardsCrooked/Straight10 of 34 (29.41 %)
Personal recordHigh0 cm
Personal recordLong0 cm

Family tree