Solrosens Wings of Change

Information about rabbit

Name: Solrosens Wings of Change
Nick name: Cicca
Sex: Female
Breeding information:
Color: Svart
Birthday: 9/22/2018
Age: 3 year, 4 month and 7 days
Mother: Solrosens Drakbloss
Father: Ultimate's Sea Breeze
Borrower: -
Handler: Freja Jönsson
Owner: Filippa Ericksson
Farm - SKHRF: Solrosens
Union: SKHRF
Country Sweden
RegNr: S-15221
Straight: Moderate
Crooked: Easy - 1 Point
High: Not elite
Long: Not elite
Title: -


Advancement points

Crooked Easy - 1 st


Straight Easy - 3 st


Handler log

Previous handlerDate for change
Freja Jönsson10/6/2019
Filippa Ericksson 11/16/2019
Freja Jönsson11/21/2019
Filippa Ericksson 12/14/2019
Filippa Ericksson 10/6/2019

Results in course

10/10/2020KoKHKalmar KommunStraight Moderate 222 of 24Freja Jönsson427.13
10/10/2020KoKHKalmar KommunStraight Moderate 115 of 24Freja Jönsson324.91
10/4/2020ÖSKHHörby - Frosta RyttarföreningCrooked Easy23 of 49Freja Jönsson229.78
10/3/2020SKHÅstorpCrooked Easy12 of 32Freja Jönsson129.06
9/5/2020SKHÅstorp - KvidingeCrooked Easy16 of 24Freja Jönsson222.75
8/22/2020SKHÅstorp - KvidingeCrooked Easy11 of 25Freja Jönsson240.43
8/15/2020SKHLund - Botaniska TrädgårdenStraight Moderate19 of 22Freja Jönsson439.69
8/5/2020SKHÄngelholm - Munka LjungbyCrooked Easy10 of 27Freja Jönsson0+375.81
8/5/2020SKHÄngelholm - Munka LjungbyStraight Moderate12 of 16Freja Jönsson426.13
7/25/2020SKHSkåneCrooked Easy14 of 22Freja Jönsson345.37
7/11/2020SKHÅstorpStraight Moderate15 of 18Freja Jönsson422.72
7/5/2020SKHSkåneCrooked Easy12 of 26Freja Jönsson1+370.03
6/21/2020SKHHässleholms kommun - TykarpsgrottanStraight Moderate15 of 16Freja Jönsson8+679.57
3/7/2020SKHLandskrona - Landskrona RidklubbCrooked Easy34 of 45Freja Jönsson345.91
2/16/2020SKHÅstorp - Goentorps GårdCrooked Easy37 of 77Freja Jönsson1+260.97
2/15/2020SKHÅstorp - Goentorps GårdStraight Easy4 of 74Freja Jönsson0+032.18 Prize Point Advancement
2/1/2020ÖSKHHörby - Frosta RyttarföreningCrooked Easy34 of 53Freja Jönsson326.53
1/11/2020ÖSKHHörby - Frosta RyttarföreningStraight Easy12 of 66Freja Jönsson0+143.72 Prize Point
12/7/2019SKHÅstorp - Goentorps GårdCrooked Easy10 of 46Filippa Ericksson 1+171.75 Prize Point
11/30/2019ÖSKHHörby - Frosta RyttarföreningStraight Easy26 of 51Freja Jönsson2+351.44
11/17/2019SKHÅstorp - KvidingeStraight Easy34 of 64Freja Jönsson321.81
11/16/2019SKHÅstorp - KvidingeCrooked Easy16 of 54Freja Jönsson238.78
10/26/2019SKHLandskrona - Landskrona RidklubbStraight Easy17 of 63Freja Jönsson1+129.41
9/15/2019SKHEslöv - 4H gårdenStraight Easy8 of 30Filippa Ericksson 1+122.81
9/14/2019SKHEslöv - 4H gårdenStraight Easy2 of 34Filippa Ericksson 0+039.47 Prize Point
9/7/2019ÖSKHLund - Botaniska TrädgårdenStraight Easy9 of 33Filippa Ericksson 1+148.28
5/18/2019ÖSKHMalmö - JägersroCrooked Easy10 of 26Filippa Ericksson 3+152.00
4/20/2019SKHÅstorp - Goentorps GårdStraight Easy 131 of 53Filippa Ericksson 642.34
4/20/2019SKHÅstorp - Goentorps GårdStraight Easy 223 of 47Filippa Ericksson 233.15
3/16/2019ÖSKHMalmö - Örestads RyttaresällskapStraight Easy22 of 34Filippa Ericksson 446.53

Results in hight jump and long jump

7/11/2020SKHÅstorpHigh Not elite - Class trial15 of 17Freja Jönsson50.0 cm

Competition statistics

AwardsCrooked/Straight4 of 30 (13.33 %)
AwardsHigh/Long0 of 1
Personal recordHigh50.0 cm
Personal recordLong0 cm

Family tree