Kings Ch Spring Rose

Information about rabbit

Name: Kings Ch Spring Rose
Nick name: Rejsa
Sex: Female
Breeding information:
Color: Madagaskarbrokad
Birthday: 9/4/2010
Mother: Trombens Ch Beauty Concrete
Father: Grenens Ch Dorado
Borrower: -
Handler: Linda Arvidsson
Owner: Linda Arvidsson
Farm - SKHRF: Kings
Union: SKHRF
Country Sweden
Deceased: 4/28/2017
RegNr: S-7588
Straight: Elite
Crooked: Elite
High: Elite
Long: Elite
Title: Champion


Advancement points

Handler log

Previous handlerDate for change

Results in course

4/16/2017ACKHSkellefteå - TotohallenStraight Moderate 1UTFelicia Ragnarsson424.66
12/18/2016ACKHSkellefteå - Totohallen Crooked EliteOPLLinda ArvidssonNIT0
12/18/2016ACKHSkellefteå - Totohallen Straight Elite12 of 25Linda Arvidsson3+567.68
11/13/2016ACKHSkellefteå - Totohallen Crooked Elite 19 of 19Linda Arvidsson4+5123.09
11/13/2016ACKHSkellefteå - Totohallen Crooked Elite 213 of 19Linda Arvidsson562.68
11/6/2016ACKHSkellefteå - Totohallen Straight Elite14 of 19Linda Arvidsson438.28
10/30/2016ACKHSkellefteå - StämningsgårdenCrooked Elite16 of 21Linda Arvidsson879.28
10/16/2016BDKHPiteåStraight Elite13 of 25Linda Arvidsson430.51
10/9/2016ACKHUmeå - UmeåCrooked Elite9 of 16Linda Arvidsson557.94
6/19/2016ACKHÖsterjörn - Österjörns CampingStraight Elite - Rule AOPLLinda ArvidssonNIT0
6/19/2016ACKHÖsterjörn - Österjörns CampingCrooked EliteOPLLinda ArvidssonNIT0
6/18/2016ACKHÖsterjörn - Österjörns CampingCrooked Elite - Rule DOPLLinda ArvidssonNIT0
6/18/2016ACKHÖsterjörn - Österjörns CampingStraight Elite - Rule DOPLLinda ArvidssonNIT0
6/2/2016ACKHSkellefteå - Kåge (Vid Kyrkan)Straight Elite10 of 14Linda Arvidsson737.28
5/29/2016ACKHUmeå - BöleängCrooked Elite10 of 10Linda Arvidsson852.40
5/28/2016BDKHPiteåCrooked Elite16 of 18Linda Arvidsson582.38
5/28/2016BDKHPiteåStraight Elite13 of 19Linda Arvidsson623.63
4/10/2016ACKHSkellefteå - Skelleftetravets totohallCrooked Moderate 1UTLinda ArvidssonNIT0
4/10/2016ACKHSkellefteå - Skelleftetravets totohallCrooked Moderate 2UTLinda Arvidsson1+057.00
2/14/2016ACKHSkellefteå - Skelleftetravets totohallCrooked Elite8 of 11Alecsandra Ladås856.59
2/14/2016ACKHSkellefteå - Skelleftetravets totohallStraight Elite10 of 10Felicia Ragnarsson646.50
1/6/2016STKHKista - KistamässanStraight Elite90 of 117Felicia Ragnarsson733.35
1/5/2016STKHKista - KistamässanStraight Elite75 of 123Felicia Ragnarsson448.00
1/4/2016STKHKista - KistamässanStraight Elite84 of 121Felicia Ragnarsson548.79
1/3/2016STKHKista - KistamässanStraight Elite - Rule A97 of 121Felicia Ragnarsson742.87
12/20/2015ACKHSkellefteå - TotohallenCrooked Elite11 of 13Felicia Ragnarsson881.66
12/20/2015ACKHSkellefteå - TotohallenStraight Elite10 of 17Felicia Ragnarsson524.69
12/6/2015ACKHSkellefteå - TotohallenStraight Elite6 of 10Felicia Ragnarsson5+540.87
11/29/2015ACKHSkellefteå - TotohallenCrooked Elite7 of 10Linda Arvidsson778.25
11/29/2015ACKHSkellefteå - TotohallenStraight Elite5 of 10Linda Arvidsson429.35
11/7/201508KTSödertälje - TäljehallenCrooked Elite - Rule E63 of 113Linda Arvidsson5+5145.04
10/25/2015ACKHSkellefteåStraight Elite6 of 12Linda Arvidsson4+698.87
10/24/2015BDKHPiteåStraight Elite 111 of 14Linda Arvidsson430.50
10/24/2015BDKHPiteåStraight Elite 29 of 12Linda Arvidsson235.62
10/17/2015ACKHSkellefteåStraight Elite7 of 12Linda Arvidsson643.89
10/10/2015ACKHUmeå - RödåselCrooked Elite 18 of 10Linda Arvidsson649.84
10/10/2015ACKHUmeå - RödåselCrooked Elite 26 of 12Linda Arvidsson2+7104.40
10/4/2015BDKHPiteåCrooked Elite7 of 12Linda Arvidsson459.47
10/4/2015BDKHPiteåStraight Elite14 of 17Linda Arvidsson433.41
9/27/2015BDKHPiteåStraight Elite8 of 15Linda Arvidsson314.75
9/27/2015BDKHPiteåCrooked Elite10 of 14Linda Arvidsson892.97
9/1/2015ACKHSkellefteå - AnderstorpStraight EliteOPLAlecsandra LadåsNIT0
5/2/2015WKHHedemora, BolidenhallenStraight Elite - Rule EOPLLinda ArvidssonNIT0
4/19/2015ACKHSkelleftetravetStraight Elite 19 of 13Linda Arvidsson3+550.38
4/19/2015ACKHSkelleftetravetStraight Elite 211 of 13Linda Arvidsson521.50
3/29/2015ACKHSkelleftetravetStraight Elite 114 of 14Linda Arvidsson845.59
3/29/2015ACKHSkelleftetravetStraight Elite 26 of 16Linda Arvidsson1+531.85
3/15/2015ACKHTotohallen Skellefteåtravet, SkellefteåStraight Elite 19 of 12Linda Arvidsson316.50
3/15/2015ACKHTotohallen Skellefteåtravet, SkellefteåStraight Elite 214 of 15Linda Arvidsson627.06
3/1/2015ACKHTotohallen Skellefteåtravet, SkellefteåCrooked EliteUTLinda Arvidsson656.59
2/22/2015ACKHTotohallen Skelleftetravet (årsmöte innan tävlingen)Straight Elite11 of 13Linda Arvidsson3+558.82
2/15/2015ACKHTotohallen Skelleftetravet, HjärtehoppetCrooked Elite11 of 13Linda Arvidsson997.31
2/8/2015ACKHTotohallen Skelleftetravet, SkellefteåStraight Elite10 of 10Linda Arvidsson664.44
1/18/2015ACKHTotohallen, SkellefteåCrooked Elite 210 of 12Linda Arvidsson797.96
12/21/2014ACKHJulcuper Totohallen, SkellefteåCrooked EliteOPLLinda ArvidssonNIT0
9/7/2014ACKHBöleläng, UmeåStraight Elite2 of 10Alecsandra Ladås2+443.28 Prize
6/14/2014ACKHJoypeak, UrsvikenStraight Elite 17 of 9Linda Arvidsson424.15
6/14/2014ACKHJoypeak, UrsvikenStraight Elite 26 of 9Linda Arvidsson2+637.22

Results in hight jump and long jump

5/29/2016ACKHUmeå - BöleängLong EliteOPLLinda Arvidsson0 cm
10/24/2015BDKHPiteåLong Elite6 of 10Linda Arvidsson160.0 cm
5/3/2015WKHHedemora, BolidenhallenLong EliteOPLLinda Arvidsson0 cm
3/15/2015ACKHTotohallen Skellefteåtravet, SkellefteåLong Elite4 of 10Linda Arvidsson160.0 cm

Competition statistics

AwardsCrooked/Straight1 of 54 (1.85 %)
AwardsHigh/Long0 of 4
Personal recordHigh0 cm
Personal recordLong160.0 cm

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