Milleniums Moonstar

Information about rabbit

Name: Milleniums Moonstar
Nick name: Luna
Sex: Female
Breeding information:
Color: Järnblå
Birthday: 6/10/2020
Age: 4 year, 1 month and 14 days
Mother: Milleniums Ch Moondragon
Father: Valentinos King of Marvel
Borrower: -
Handler: Veronica Dawson Tagerud
Owner: Veronica Dawson Tagerud
Farm - OTHER: Milleniums
Farm name code: -
Union: SKE
Country Sweden
RegNr: SE-0351
Straight: Difficult - 2 Advancement points
Crooked: Difficult
High: Not elite
Long: Not elite
Title: -

Rabbits registrations - Union



Advancement points

Straight Difficult - 2 st


Crooked Moderate - 3 st


Straight Moderate - 3 st


Crooked Easy - 3 st


Straight Easy - 3 st


Handler log

Previous handlerDate for change
Emelie Blomstrand8/8/2021

Results in course

7/20/2024Crooked Difficult 1UPLVeronica Dawson TagerudNITBLKHSpaces-cupen, Grusplanen i Skogsbo i Avesta
4/13/2024Crooked Difficult14 of 21Veronica Dawson Tagerud498.22GKHT13 April - Boulehallen i Gävle
3/30/2024Straight Difficult 112 of 32Veronica Dawson Tagerud345.78YKHPåskcuper, Björkbacke gård i Njurunda
3/30/2024Straight Difficult 219 of 30Veronica Dawson Tagerud461.56YKHPåskcuper, Björkbacke gård i Njurunda
3/24/2024Straight Difficult18 of 25Cecilia Tagerud529.56RoKHVidöbacken, Hallstavik i Norrtälje
3/10/2024Crooked Moderate4 of 16Cecilia Tagerud2+156.73 Prize Point Advancement RoKHVidöbacken, Hallstavik i Norrtälje
1/6/2024Straight Difficult 1UPLVeronica Dawson TagerudNITSTKHStockholm Marathon 2024, Täljehallen i Södertälje
1/6/2024Straight Difficult 230 of 71Veronica Dawson Tagerud498.86STKHStockholm Marathon 2024, Täljehallen i Södertälje
11/18/2023Crooked ModerateUPLVeronica Dawson TagerudNITULKHKlubbtävling - ULKH 30år!, Uppsala i Uppsala
10/29/2023Crooked Moderate 11 of 26Veronica Dawson Tagerud0+099.68 Prize Point MKHÅsta 231 i Köping
10/29/2023Crooked Moderate 23 of 23Veronica Dawson Tagerud1+166.94 Prize Point MKHÅsta 231 i Köping
10/15/2023Crooked ModerateUPLCecilia TagerudNITRoKHRiala, Riala i Norrtälje/riala
9/23/2023Straight Difficult 15 of 12Veronica Dawson Tagerud2+339.56ULKHUppsala i Uppsala
9/23/2023Straight Difficult 26 of 11Veronica Dawson Tagerud2+742.54ULKHUppsala i Uppsala
9/9/2023Straight Difficult4 of 16Veronica Dawson Tagerud2+232.21 Prize Point ULKHUppsala i Uppsala
8/12/2023Crooked Moderate7 of 24Veronica Dawson Tagerud1+075.87ULKHUppsala i Uppsala
8/1/2023Straight Difficult6 of 7Veronica Dawson Tagerud428.75ULKHKvällstävling, Uppsala i Uppsala
7/29/2023Crooked Moderate6 of 14Veronica Dawson Tagerud1+3102.94GKHTÄlvkarleby
7/23/2023Straight Difficult21 of 28Cecilia Tagerud414.00ULKHUppsala i Uppsala
7/19/2023Straight Difficult3 of 21Veronica Dawson Tagerud1+0100.62 Prize Point STKHKvällstävling, Fastebolskolan i Järfälla
7/15/2023Crooked Moderate 18 of 28Veronica Dawson Tagerud1+1150.06BLKHGrusplanen i Skogsbo i Avesta
7/15/2023Crooked Moderate 215 of 23Veronica Dawson Tagerud350.91BLKHGrusplanen i Skogsbo i Avesta
6/28/2023Straight Difficult4 of 5Veronica Dawson Tagerud3+165.08ULKHKvällstävling , Uppsala i Uppsala
6/12/2023Crooked Moderate6 of 15Cecilia Tagerud2+350.95ULKHKvällstävling , Uppsala i Uppsala
6/6/2023Straight Difficult 112 of 31Veronica Dawson Tagerud2+496.81RoKHRiala, Riala i Norrtälje kommun
6/6/2023Straight Difficult 226 of 30Veronica Dawson Tagerud987.82RoKHRiala, Riala i Norrtälje kommun
5/28/2023Straight DifficultUPLVeronica Dawson TagerudNITRoKHRiala, Riala skola i Norrtälje
5/21/2023Crooked Moderate10 of 25Veronica Dawson Tagerud373.50ULKHUppsala i Uppsala
5/1/2023Straight Moderate 16 of 13Veronica Dawson Tagerud0+346.44ULKHKlubbtävling - KM, Uppsala i Uppsala
5/1/2023Straight Moderate 22 of 12Veronica Dawson Tagerud1+143.81 Prize Point Advancement ULKHKlubbtävling - KM, Uppsala i Uppsala
4/22/2023Crooked ModerateUPLVeronica Dawson TagerudNITULKHUppsala i Uppsala
4/10/2023Crooked Moderate6 of 15Veronica Dawson Tagerud3+498.87RoKHRiala, Riala i Norrtälje
3/25/2023Straight Moderate11 of 18Cecilia Tagerud432.63ULKHUppsala i Uppsala
3/11/2023Crooked Moderate 1UPLVeronica Dawson TagerudNITGKHTBoulehallen i Gävle
3/11/2023Crooked Moderate 2UPLVeronica Dawson TagerudNITGKHTBoulehallen i Gävle
2/25/2023Straight Moderate6 of 12Cecilia Tagerud2+552.69STKHViksberg i Södertälje
2/4/2023Straight Moderate13 of 42Veronica Dawson Tagerud224.47BLKHStall Gröntjärna i Avesta
1/14/2023Straight Moderate14 of 35Veronica Dawson Tagerud2+265.10STKHStockholm
1/7/2023Crooked ModerateUPLVeronica Dawson TagerudNITGKHTBoulehallen i Gävle
12/11/2022Straight Moderate1 of 6Veronica Dawson Tagerud2+065.53 Prize Point ULKHKlubbtävling, Uppsala i Uppsala
12/10/2022Crooked Moderate3 of 7Veronica Dawson Tagerud4+2126.12ULKHKlubbtävling, Uppsala i Uppsala
11/26/2022Crooked Moderate9 of 12Veronica Dawson Tagerud2+2119.78ULKHUppsala i Uppsala
11/12/2022Straight Moderate3 of 16Veronica Dawson Tagerud1+151.10 Prize Point ULKHUppsala i Uppsala
10/9/2022Straight Moderate 1UPLVeronica Dawson TagerudNITULKHUppsala i Uppsala
10/9/2022Straight Moderate 2UPLVeronica Dawson TagerudNITULKHUppsala i Uppsala
9/18/2022Straight ModerateUPLVeronica Dawson TagerudNITULKHKlubbtävling - KM, Uppsala i Uppsala
9/11/2022Straight Moderate 1UPLVeronica Dawson TagerudNITBLKHGrusplanen i Skogsbo i Avesta
9/11/2022Straight Moderate 2UPLVeronica Dawson TagerudNITBLKHGrusplanen i Skogsbo i Avesta
9/3/2022Crooked Easy4 of 29Veronica Dawson Tagerud1+087.62 Prize Point Advancement ULKHUppsala i Uppsala
6/21/2022Crooked Easy10 of 28Veronica Dawson Tagerud1+1189.19ULKHKvällstävling, Uppsala
6/12/2022Straight Moderate 111 of 22Veronica Dawson Tagerud421.72ULKHUppsala
6/12/2022Straight Moderate 212 of 22Veronica Dawson Tagerud217.53ULKHUppsala
6/4/2022Crooked Easy 1UPLVeronica Dawson TagerudNITBLKHGrusplanen i Skogsbo i Avesta
6/4/2022Crooked Easy 220 of 57Veronica Dawson Tagerud1+NIT46.94BLKHGrusplanen i Skogsbo i Avesta
5/21/2022Straight Moderate14 of 29Cecilia Tagerud1+462.00RoKHRiala i Norrtälje
5/14/2022Crooked Easy5 of 24Veronica Dawson Tagerud1+0130.87 Prize Point ULKHUppsala
5/5/2022Crooked Easy - New4 of 17Cecilia Tagerud0+2110.31 Prize Point RoKHKvällstävling, Faringe i Uppsala/Almunge
4/23/2022Straight Easy3 of 11Veronica Dawson Tagerud0+150.06 Prize Point Advancement RoKHRiala i Norrtälje kommun
4/17/2022Straight Easy16 of 39Veronica Dawson Tagerud228.63ULKHUppsala i Uppsala
4/9/2022Crooked Easy - New10 of 38Veronica Dawson Tagerud1+144.06RoKHVidöbackens gård i Norrtälje kommun
4/2/2022Crooked Easy18 of 20Veronica Dawson Tagerud3100.69ULKHUppsala i Uppsala
3/20/2022Straight Easy9 of 37Veronica Dawson Tagerud1+152.66ULKHUppsala
3/12/2022Straight Easy7 of 24Cecilia Tagerud0+062.94 Point RoKHVidöbackens gård i Norrtälje kommun
3/6/2022Straight Easy11 of 43Veronica Dawson Tagerud1+158.13STKHVälsta gård i Upplands Väsby
2/19/2022Straight Easy - New 12 of 28Veronica Dawson Tagerud0+087.50 Prize Point RoKHVidöbackens gård i Norrtälje kommun
2/19/2022Straight Easy 2UPLVeronica Dawson TagerudNITRoKHVidöbackens gård i Norrtälje kommun
12/4/2021Straight Mini8 of 13Veronica Dawson Tagerud127.42ULKHUppsala i Uppsala

Results in hight jump and long jump

6/12/2023High Not elite4 of 13Cecilia Tagerud50.0 cmULKHKvällstävling , Uppsala i Uppsala
2/25/2023Long Not eliteUPLCecilia TagerudSTKHViksberg i Södertälje
2/4/2023High Not elite29 of 44Tess Jansson50.0 cmBLKHStall Gröntjärna i Avesta
11/26/2022High Not elite6 of 11Veronica Dawson Tagerud50.0 cmULKHUppsala i Uppsala
9/3/2022Long Not eliteUPLVeronica Dawson TagerudULKHUppsala i Uppsala

Cup results

DateClubLocationCupClass typePlacingHandlerPointsPlacing
3/30/2024YKHBjörkbacke gård, NjurundaBlåkulla cupenDifficult12 of 19Veronica Dawson Tagerud3112,19
6/6/2023RoKHRiala, Norrtälje kommunNationaldags cupen Difficult10 of 16Veronica Dawson Tagerud3812,26
5/1/2023ULKHUppsala, UppsalaMedelmästareModerate4 of 12Veronica Dawson Tagerud82,6
12/10/2022ULKHUppsala, UppsalaLussebullecupenModerate1 of 2Veronica Dawson Tagerud41,3
10/9/2022ULKHUppsala, UppsalaMellanmjölks CupModerateUPLVeronica Dawson Tagerud49UPL(24),UPL(25)
6/4/2022BLKHGrusplanen i Skogsbo, AvestaMaffia-cupenEasyUPLVeronica Dawson Tagerud7520,UPL(55)

Competition statistics

AwardsCrooked/Straight14 of 67 (20.9 %)
AwardsHigh/Long0 of 5
Personal recordHigh50.0 cm
Personal recordLong0 cm

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