Miss Pinky's Ch Celestial Legend

Information about rabbit

Name: Miss Pinky's Ch Celestial Legend
Nick name: Eppi
Sex: Male
Breeding information: Castrated
Color: Gul/svart japanbrokad
Birthday: 10/25/2011
Age: 9 year, 0 month and 0 days
Mother: Queen Apailana of Naboo by Ego
Father: Grenens Gt Ch Magical Fairytale
Borrower: -
Handler: Frida Rydberg
Owner: Frida Rydberg
Farm - SKHRF: Miss Pinky's
Union: SKHRF
Country Sweden
RegNr: S-7917
Straight: Veteran, Champion - 11 Certificate
Crooked: Veteran - 2 Certificate
High: Elite
Long: Elite
Title: Champion


Crooked Elite - 2 st

110/24/2015Västra Götalands LänSKHRF
211/4/2017Skånes LänSKHRF

Straight Elite - 11 st

15/1/2014Skånes LänSKHRF
27/6/2014Gävleborgs Län GästriklandSKHRF
310/25/2014Skånes LänSKHRF
411/15/2014Skånes LänSKHRF
58/30/2015Skånes LänSKHRF
611/21/2015Skånes LänSKHRF
75/21/2016Skånes LänSKHRF
811/12/2016Västra Götalands LänSKHRF
911/19/2016Skånes LänSKHRF
102/12/2017Skånes LänSKHRF
111/27/2018Skånes LänSKHRF

Advancement points

Crooked Difficult - 5 st


Handler log

Previous handlerDate for change
Sanna Svärd11/24/2015

Results in course

3/23/2019SKHÅstorp - Goentorps GårdStraight Veteran2 of 7Frida Rydberg1+023.89 Prize
3/10/2019SKHLandskronaCrooked ModerateUTFrida Rydberg1+166.79
2/17/2019SKHÅstorp - Goentorps GårdStraight ModerateUTFrida Rydberg0+033.02
1/19/2019SKHÅstorps kommun - Kvidinge (Goentorps gård)Straight ModerateUTFrida Rydberg1+029.60
11/17/2018SKHÅstorp - Goentorpsgården Crooked Elite21 of 36Frida Rydberg542.44
10/27/2018SKHTomelillaCrooked Elite12 of 13Frida Rydberg874.67
8/18/2018SKHKlippan - Rönne HundungdomCrooked Elite 1 - Rule D35 of 46Frida Rydberg5+380.49
8/18/2018SKHKlippan - Rönne HundungdomCrooked Elite 2 - Rule A21 of 46Frida Rydberg244.97
7/7/2018ÖSKHMalmö - Örestads RyttaresällskapStraight Elite15 of 28Frida Rydberg425.78
7/1/2018SKHÅstorp - Åstorps RyttarföreningCrooked Elite5 of 32Frida Rydberg2+179.13 Prize
6/30/2018SKHÅstorp - Åstorps RyttarföreningStraight Elite18 of 46Frida Rydberg319.15
6/30/2018SKHÅstorp - Åstorps RyttarföreningCrooked Elite24 of 32Frida Rydberg466.78
6/17/2018SKHKlippan - Rönne HundungdomStraight Elite 18 of 41Frida Rydberg3+133.12 Prize
6/17/2018SKHKlippan - Rönne HundungdomStraight Elite 211 of 40Frida Rydberg3+170.37
5/26/2018SKHLund - Botaniska trädgårdenCrooked Elite18 of 23Frida Rydberg541.00
5/6/2018SKHLund - Botaniska TrädgårdenStraight Elite32 of 59Frida Rydberg336.10
4/14/2018SKHEslöv - BillingeCrooked Elite13 of 25Frida Rydberg3+580.04
4/1/2018SKHÅstorp - Goentorps GårdStraight Elite32 of 58Frida Rydberg336.62
3/31/2018SKHÅstorp - Goentorps GårdCrooked Elite12 of 34Frida Rydberg2+6170.54
3/30/2018SKHÅstorp - Goentorps GårdStraight Elite27 of 62Frida Rydberg317.63
3/10/2018SKHLandskrona - Landskrona RidklubbStraight Elite18 of 71Frida Rydberg2+262.87
2/18/2018SKHÅstorp - Goentorps GårdStraight Elite20 of 52Frida Rydberg1+365.12
2/17/2018SKHÅstorp - Goentorps GårdCrooked Elite13 of 30Frida Rydberg4+399.00
1/27/2018SKHÅstorp - Goentorps GårdStraight Elite3 of 52Frida Rydberg1+161.07 Prize Cert
1/13/2018SKHÅstorp - Goentorps GårdCrooked Elite15 of 27Frida Rydberg553.03
1/7/2018STKHStockholms län - ÅkersbergaStraight Elite 117 of 111Frida Rydberg2+261.75 Prize
1/7/2018STKHStockholms län - ÅkersbergaStraight Elite 229 of 110Frida Rydberg1+349.87
1/6/2018STKHStockholms län - ÅkersbergaStraight Elite35 of 108Frida Rydberg2+469.66
12/16/2017SKHÅstorp - Goentorps GårdStraight Elite17 of 46Frida Rydberg315.59
12/10/2017VÄSKHLysekil - Gamla idrottshallenStraight Elite24 of 30Frida Rydberg729.50
11/25/2017SKHEslövCrooked Elite9 of 27Frida Rydberg3+387.46
11/5/2017SKHÅstorp - KvidingeStraight Elite 1 - Rule A16 of 36Frida Rydberg332.44
11/5/2017SKHÅstorp - KvidingeStraight Elite 2 - Rule A5 of 34Frida Rydberg219.44 Prize
11/4/2017SKHÅstorp - KvidingeCrooked Elite1 of 24Frida Rydberg2+082.89 Prize Cert
10/21/2017SKHLandskrona - Landskrona RidklubbStraight Elite 125 of 51Frida Rydberg319.42
10/21/2017SKHLandskrona - Landskrona RidklubbStraight Elite 2 - Rule B13 of 51Frida Rydberg119.94
9/9/2017SKHKlippan - Rönne HundungdomStraight Elite 110 of 50Frida Rydberg2+335.78 Prize
8/26/2017SKHÅstorp - Åstorpsortens RyttarföreningCrooked Difficult - Rule EUTFrida Rydberg2+1+160.52
8/5/2017SKHLund - Botaniska TrädgårdenCrooked ModerateUTFrida Rydberg0+053.33
5/27/2017SKHKlippan - KlubbstuganStraight Elite 1 - Rule D18 of 44Frida Rydberg3+261.03
5/27/2017SKHKlippan - KlubbstuganStraight Elite 2 - Rule A21 of 42Frida Rydberg420.88
5/13/2017MKHHallstahammar - Hallsta ArenaStraight Elite - Rule E90 of 185Frida Rydberg1+558.84
5/7/2017SKHLund - Botaniska TrädgårdenCrooked Elite14 of 19Frida Rydberg443.69
4/16/2017SKHÅstorp - KvidingeStraight Elite11 of 31Frida Rydberg2+349.06
4/15/2017SKHÅstorp - KvidingeCrooked Elite13 of 25Frida Rydberg344.00
3/26/2017KoKHKalmar - Skälby 4h gårdStraight Elite 130 of 46Frida Rydberg416.07
3/26/2017KoKHKalmar - Skälby 4h gårdStraight Elite 212 of 45Frida Rydberg1+341.74
3/25/2017KoKHKalmar - Skälby 4h gårdStraight Elite21 of 45Frida Rydberg318.09
3/19/2017SKHÅstorp - KvidingeCrooked Elite6 of 16Frida Rydberg450.72
3/4/2017SKHSkurup - Sandåkra RidklubbStraight Elite18 of 33Frida Rydberg318.90
2/12/2017SKHÅstorp - Goentorps Gård (Kvidinge)Straight Elite1 of 32Frida Rydberg1+036.38 Prize Cert
2/11/2017SKHÅstorp - Goentorps Gård (Kvidinge)Crooked Elite3 of 21Frida Rydberg3+388.88 Prize
1/15/2017SKHLandskrona - Landskrona RidklubbStraight Elite4 of 34Frida Rydberg2+333.84 Prize
1/8/2017STKHÅkersberga - Åkersberga RidhusStraight Elite15 of 88Frida Rydberg1+338.78 Prize
1/7/2017STKHÅkersberga - Åkersberga RidhusStraight Elite 113 of 94Frida Rydberg0+356.90 Prize
1/7/2017STKHÅkersberga - Åkersberga RidhusStraight Elite 2 - Rule B11 of 94Frida Rydberg120.22 Prize
12/17/2016SKHKvidingeCrooked Elite4 of 13Frida Rydberg1+272.77
12/10/2016VÄSKHBjörlandaCrooked Elite13 of 28Frida Rydberg364.69
12/10/2016VÄSKHBjörlandaStraight Elite10 of 31Frida Rydberg219.06
11/20/2016SKHKvidinge - Goentorps GårdStraight Elite - Rule A3 of 26Frida Rydberg126.94 Prize
11/19/2016SKHKvidinge - Goentorps GårdStraight Elite - Rule A2 of 29Frida Rydberg119.84 Prize Cert
11/12/2016VÄSKHBjörlandaStraight Elite 2 - Rule A1 of 25Frida Rydberg017.60 Prize Cert
11/12/2016VÄSKHBjörlandaStraight Elite 1 - Rule D9 of 25Frida Rydberg4+245.81
10/30/2016SKHDegeberga - Olseröds hundcenterCrooked Elite 1 - Rule D12 of 14Josefin Huisman8+7206.87
10/30/2016SKHDegeberga - Olseröds hundcenterCrooked Elite 2 - Rule A12 of 13Josefin Huisman769.63
10/23/2016ÖKHMotalaCrooked Elite23 of 28Frida Rydberg838.25
10/22/2016MKHVästeråsStraight Elite13 of 42Frida Rydberg218.94
10/8/2016SKHHjärnarp - SpelmansgårdenStraight ModerateUTFrida Rydberg2+029.06
7/10/2016SKHFalsterboStraight Elite 147 of 63Frida Rydberg417.19
7/10/2016SKHFalsterboStraight Elite 2 - Rule B12 of 63Frida Rydberg117.16 Prize
7/9/2016SKHFalsterboStraight Elite - Rule D13 of 63Frida Rydberg3+149.75 Prize
6/25/2016SKHÖssjöCrooked Elite5 of 17Frida Rydberg2+396.93
6/12/2016SKHÅstorp - Åstorportens RyttarföreningStraight Elite5 of 38Frida Rydberg0+243.49 Prize
6/11/2016SKHÅstorp - Åstorportens RyttarföreningStraight Elite18 of 38Frida Rydberg659.50
6/11/2016SKHÅstorp - Åstorportens RyttarföreningCrooked Elite9 of 28Frida Rydberg2+381.68
5/21/2016SKHKlippanStraight Elite 1 - Rule D2 of 38Frida Rydberg1+143.65 Prize Cert
5/21/2016SKHKlippanStraight Elite 2 - Rule A3 of 38Frida Rydberg115.59 Prize
5/14/2016HäKHIggesund - Camp IggeStraight Elite - Rule E93 of 146Frida Rydberg8+591.72
5/8/2016SKHKlippanCrooked Elite6 of 19Frida Rydberg2+367.67
5/7/2016VÄSKHStättared - 4H-Gård Crooked Elite 1 - Rule A13 of 29Frida Rydberg346.45
5/7/2016VÄSKHStättared - 4H-Gård Crooked Elite 2 - Rule D6 of 28Frida Rydberg349.31 Prize
4/9/2016SKHKvidingeStraight Elite4 of 25Frida Rydberg1+235.76 Prize
3/28/2016SKHKvidinge - Goentorps GårdCrooked Elite12 of 38Frida Rydberg2+1108.28
3/27/2016SKHKvidinge - Goentorps GårdStraight Elite7 of 43Frida Rydberg1+143.02 Prize
3/26/2016SKHKvidinge - Goentorps GårdStraight Elite3 of 41Frida Rydberg3+069.38 Prize
3/12/2016SKHHöör - HänningeCrooked Elite13 of 16Frida Rydberg651.75
2/20/2016SKHKvidinge - Goentorps GårdStraight Elite12 of 27Frida Rydberg3+449.90
12/12/2015VÄSKHUddevalla - Skansens gårdCrooked Elite-Frida Rydberg0
12/12/2015VÄSKHUddevalla - Skansens gårdStraight Elite-Frida Rydberg0
11/21/2015SKHKvidinge - Goentorps GårdStraight Elite 1 - Rule A9 of 34Frida Rydberg432.91
11/21/2015SKHKvidinge - Goentorps GårdStraight Elite 2 - Rule A1 of 28Frida Rydberg124.65 Prize Cert
10/24/2015VÄSKHTjuvkilCrooked Elite 1 - Rule D2 of 26Frida Rydberg2+165.24 Prize Cert
10/24/2015VÄSKHTjuvkilCrooked Elite 2 - Rule A12 of 26Frida Rydberg464.93
10/17/2015SKHHöganäs - Blå HallenCrooked Elite4 of 15Frida Rydberg3+3111.23
9/12/2015SKHTollarpCrooked Elite 1 - Rule D11 of 25Sanna Svärd4+297.94
9/12/2015SKHTollarpCrooked Elite 2 - Rule A7 of 25Sanna Svärd373.15
8/30/2015SKHÅstorpStraight Elite 12 of 34Frida Rydberg1+147.69 Prize Cert
8/30/2015SKHÅstorpStraight Elite 24 of 33Frida Rydberg1+031.09 Prize
8/29/2015SKHÅstorpCrooked Elite5 of 23Frida Rydberg5+1116.94 Prize
8/16/2015SKHLund - Botaniska TrädgårdenCrooked Elite19 of 21Sanna Svärd5114.38
8/8/2015SKHMalmöStraight Elite11 of 28Sanna Svärd3+2113.56
7/26/2015VKHHasselbol, KilStraight Elite 139 of 45Sanna Svärd692.75
7/26/2015VKHHasselbol, KilStraight Elite 222 of 44Sanna Svärd470.28
7/25/2015VKHHasselbol, KilCrooked Elite 137 of 44Sanna Svärd681.25
7/25/2015VKHHasselbol, KilCrooked Elite 215 of 44Sanna Svärd239.22
7/12/2015SKHFalsterboStraight Elite 151 of 52Sanna Svärd994.40
7/12/2015SKHFalsterboStraight Elite 2 - Rule B24 of 52Sanna Svärd252.75
7/11/2015SKHFalsterboCrooked Elite - Rule D22 of 42Sanna Svärd3+1137.69
7/11/2015SKHFalsterboStraight Elite - Rule D21 of 52Sanna Svärd5+1155.28
6/28/2015SKHBotaniska trädgården, LundCrooked Elite22 of 27Sanna Svärd571.72
6/28/2015SKHBotaniska trädgården, LundStraight Elite12 of 38Sanna Svärd2+343.55
6/14/2015SKHKlippan - Åsbo Ponnyklubb, Breeders TrophyStraight Elite25 of 33Frida Rydberg542.72
6/13/2015SKHKlippan - Åsbo Ponnyklubb, Breeders TrophyStraight Elite21 of 26Frida Rydberg4103.97
6/13/2015SKHKlippan - Åsbo Ponnyklubb, Breeders TrophyCrooked Elite11 of 21Frida Rydberg2+4116.06
5/31/2015SKHHöörStraight Elite18 of 42Sanna Svärd3+373.22
5/30/2015SKHHöörCrooked Elite35 of 39Sanna Svärd882.47
5/9/2015SKHKlippan, KMStraight Elite - Rule D20 of 27Michelle Elofsson6+NIT80.59
5/9/2015SKHKlippan, KMStraight Elite - Rule AOPLMichelle ElofssonNIT0
4/6/2015SKHKvidingeStraight Elite13 of 25Sanna Svärd228.57
4/5/2015SKHKvidingeCrooked Elite17 of 19Sanna Svärd7116.28
3/7/2015SKHKvidingeStraight Elite23 of 32Sanna Svärd670.62
2/14/2015SKHKvidingeCrooked Elite17 of 22Sanna Svärd497.84
2/14/2015SKHKvidingeFigure Easy32 of 84Sanna Svärd047.47
1/24/2015SKHHöganäsStraight Elite28 of 38Sanna Svärd6105.32
1/6/2015STKHKistaStraight Elite79 of 103Sanna Svärd641.09
1/5/2015STKHKistaStraight Elite64 of 109Sanna Svärd455.75
1/4/2015STKHKistaStraight Elite113 of 120Sanna Svärd8106.75
1/3/2015STKHKistaStraight Elite - Rule AOPLSanna SvärdNIT0
12/20/2014SKHKvidingeCrooked Elite19 of 21Sanna Svärd5110.12
12/20/2014SKHKvidingeFigure Elite - Rule A36 of 90Sanna Svärd053.72
11/15/2014SKHKvidingeStraight Elite 1 - Rule A17 of 27Sanna Svärd442.66
11/15/2014SKHKvidingeStraight Elite 2 - Rule A1 of 27Sanna Svärd144.28 Prize Ch
10/26/2014SKHKvidingeCrooked Elite7 of 10Sanna Svärd2+2139.99
10/25/2014SKHKvidingeStraight Elite 119 of 25Sanna Svärd549.09
10/25/2014SKHKvidingeStraight Elite 21 of 25Sanna Svärd0+165.44 Prize
10/12/2014SKHHöllviken, SKH's 20 års jubileumStraight Elite3 of 18Sanna Svärd2+157.91 Prize
10/11/2014SKHHöllviken, SKH's 20 års jubileumCrooked Elite5 of 15Sanna Svärd4+587.31
9/27/2014SKHKlippan, KMCrooked Elite - Rule D4 of 12Sanna Svärd5+1118.87
8/9/2014TKHTingvallaparken, TrollhättanCrooked Difficult 25 of 23Sanna Svärd1+265.49 Prize Point
8/9/2014TKHTingvallaparken, TrollhättanCrooked Difficult 116 of 26Sanna Svärd246.96

Results in hight jump and long jump

11/12/2016VÄSKHBjörlandaLong Elite8 of 10Frida Rydberg140.0 cm
5/21/2016SKHKlippanLong Elite6 of 16Frida Rydberg200.0 cm
8/16/2015SKHLund - Botaniska TrädgårdenLong Elite9 of 10Sanna Svärd140.0 cm

Competition statistics

AwardsCrooked/Straight35 of 134 (26.12 %)
AwardsHigh/Long0 of 3
Personal recordHigh0 cm
Personal recordLong200.0 cm

Family tree