SE*Flamencos Topas

Information about rabbit

Name: SE*Flamencos Topas
Nick name: Buddha
Sex: Male
Breeding information:
Color: -
Birthday: 4/26/2006
Age: 17 year, 11 month and 17 days
Mother: Rambo's Two Towers
Father: S Ch Prins Elliot
Borrower: -
Handler: -
Owner: Anja Tidman 3618 (not registered in Skuttli)
Farm - SKHRF: Flamencos
Farm name code: SE* - Sveriges Kaninhoppares Riksförbund
Union: SKHRF
Country Sweden
RegNr: S-6182
Straight: Elite
Crooked: Elite
High: Elite
Long: Elite
Title: -


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Competition statistics

Personal recordHigh0 cm
Personal recordLong0 cm

Family tree


RabbitBreeding informationSexColorBirthday
Flamencos CitrinMaleViltisabella4/26/2006
Flamencos Gt Ch AmetistMale4/26/2006
Flamencos S Ch SafirFemale4/26/2006
SE*Flamencos Jaspis Have given bite defect
Lämnat bettfel tillsammans med Sjökullens Aldrig Riktigt Slut. Källa: Kullreg. Tillagd av UK 2021-02-09.
SE*Flamencos OpalMaleSvart4/26/2006
SE*Flamencos TurmalinFemaleSvartbrokad4/27/2006
SE*Flamencos Imperial BlueMaleIsabella5/12/2007
Flamencos Ch Premier RoseFemale5/19/2007
Flamencos Gt Ch Golden JubileeMaleMadagaskarbrokad5/19/2007
Flamencos Heart Of EternityFemaleViltgråbrokad5/19/2007
Flamencos Millenium StarMaleSvart5/19/2007
Flamencos Ocean DreamMaleViltgråbrokad5/19/2007
Flamencos Tiffany YellowFemaleViltgrå5/19/2007