Regnbågens Words Of Love

Information about rabbit

Name: Regnbågens Words Of Love
Nick name: Bellman
Sex: Male
Breeding information:
Color: Viltgul
Birthday: 3/19/2012
Mother: Trombens Morning Light
Father: Flamencos Fantastic Freedom
Borrower: -
Handler: Michelle Elofsson
Owner: Michelle Elofsson
Farm - SKHRF: Regnbågens
Union: SKHRF
Country Sweden
Deceased: 8/9/2016
RegNr: S-8250
Straight: Elite - 1 Certificate
Crooked: Elite - 1 Certificate
High: Elite
Long: Elite
Title: -


Crooked Elite - 1 st

12/14/2015Skånes LänSKHRF

Straight Elite - 1 st

11/4/2015Stockholms LänSKHRF

Advancement points

High Not elite - 2 st


Long Not elite - 3 st


Handler log

Previous handlerDate for change

Results in course

5/8/2016SKHKlippanCrooked Elite15 of 19Michelle Elofsson758.44
5/7/2016VÄSKHStättared - 4H-Gård Crooked Elite 1 - Rule A24 of 29Michelle Elofsson570.12
5/7/2016VÄSKHStättared - 4H-Gård Crooked Elite 2 - Rule D-Michelle Elofsson0
4/23/2016SKHLund - Botaniska TrädgårdenCrooked Elite3 of 15Michelle Elofsson4+1106.28 Prize
4/9/2016SKHKvidingeStraight Elite9 of 25Michelle Elofsson2+373.57
3/28/2016SKHKvidinge - Goentorps GårdCrooked Elite22 of 38Michelle Elofsson373.34
3/27/2016SKHKvidinge - Goentorps GårdStraight Elite17 of 43Michelle Elofsson231.66
3/26/2016SKHKvidinge - Goentorps GårdStraight Difficult 1UTMichelle Elofsson0+NIT16.31
3/26/2016SKHKvidinge - Goentorps GårdStraight Difficult 2UTMichelle Elofsson0+NIT17.40
3/12/2016SKHHöör - HänningeCrooked ModerateUTMichelle Elofsson1+170.75
10/31/2015SKHKvidinge - Goentorps GårdStraight Elite9 of 28Michelle Elofsson2+477.56
10/24/2015VÄSKHTjuvkilCrooked Elite 1 - Rule D22 of 26Michelle Elofsson8+698.13
10/24/2015VÄSKHTjuvkilCrooked Elite 2 - Rule A18 of 26Michelle Elofsson666.68
10/17/2015SKHHöganäs - Blå HallenCrooked Elite11 of 15Michelle Elofsson560.72
9/26/2015SKHÄngelholmStraight Elite13 of 19Michelle Elofsson543.46
9/19/2015KoKHKalmar - Skälby 4H-gård KalmarStraight Elite8 of 10Michelle Elofsson841.50
9/12/2015SKHTollarpCrooked Elite 1 - Rule D19 of 25Michelle Elofsson6+491.16
9/12/2015SKHTollarpCrooked Elite 2 - Rule A13 of 25Michelle Elofsson565.66
8/30/2015SKHÅstorpStraight Elite 16 of 34Michelle Elofsson1+253.69 Prize
8/30/2015SKHÅstorpStraight Elite 220 of 33Michelle Elofsson221.81
8/29/2015SKHÅstorpCrooked Elite9 of 23Michelle Elofsson5+290.47
8/22/2015VÄSKHSanserhult, HärrydaCrooked Elite 114 of 28Michelle Elofsson561.06
8/22/2015VÄSKHSanserhult, HärrydaCrooked Elite 222 of 28Michelle Elofsson564.65
8/16/2015SKHLund - Botaniska TrädgårdenCrooked Elite13 of 21Michelle Elofsson548.12
8/8/2015SKHMalmöStraight Elite13 of 28Michelle Elofsson3+347.43
7/26/2015VKHHasselbol, KilStraight Elite 15 of 45Michelle Elofsson2+157.61 Prize
7/26/2015VKHHasselbol, KilStraight Elite 213 of 44Michelle Elofsson3+548.24
7/25/2015VKHHasselbol, KilCrooked Elite 120 of 44Michelle Elofsson442.16
7/25/2015VKHHasselbol, KilCrooked Elite 236 of 44Michelle Elofsson540.34
7/12/2015SKHFalsterboStraight Elite 118 of 52Michelle Elofsson2+254.73
7/12/2015SKHFalsterboStraight Elite 2 - Rule B4 of 52Michelle Elofsson0+147.81 Prize
7/11/2015SKHFalsterboCrooked Elite - Rule D25 of 42Michelle Elofsson4+1104.05
7/11/2015SKHFalsterboStraight Elite - Rule D10 of 52Michelle Elofsson2+285.95 Prize
6/28/2015SKHBotaniska trädgården, LundCrooked Elite6 of 27Michelle Elofsson2+089.86 Prize
6/28/2015SKHBotaniska trädgården, LundStraight Elite7 of 38Michelle Elofsson3+055.97 Prize
5/9/2015SKHKlippan, KMStraight Elite - Rule D12 of 27Michelle Elofsson4+251.27
5/9/2015SKHKlippan, KMStraight Elite - Rule A18 of 26Michelle Elofsson529.91
5/2/2015WKHHedemora, BolidenhallenStraight Elite - Rule E39 of 115Michelle Elofsson5+2+481.37
4/19/2015KoKHSkälby 4H-gård KalmarCrooked Elite11 of 14Michelle Elofsson655.69
4/6/2015SKHKvidingeStraight Elite19 of 25Michelle Elofsson320.22
4/5/2015SKHKvidingeCrooked Elite9 of 19Michelle Elofsson345.81
3/28/2015SKHKvidingeCrooked Elite8 of 15Michelle Elofsson2+369.91
3/7/2015SKHKvidingeStraight Elite4 of 32Michelle Elofsson2+245.88 Prize
2/14/2015SKHKvidingeCrooked Elite1 of 22Michelle Elofsson2+094.00 Prize
2/14/2015SKHKvidingeFigure Easy67 of 84Michelle Elofsson218.03
1/24/2015SKHHöganäsStraight Elite5 of 38Michelle Elofsson2+155.73 Prize
1/6/2015STKHKistaStraight Elite64 of 103Michelle Elofsson448.18
1/5/2015STKHKistaStraight Elite35 of 109Michelle Elofsson2+447.72
1/4/2015STKHKistaStraight Elite4 of 120Michelle Elofsson0+038.60 Prize
1/3/2015STKHKistaStraight Elite - Rule A9 of 128Michelle Elofsson120.03 Prize
12/20/2014SKHKvidingeCrooked Elite6 of 21Michelle Elofsson3+198.98
10/12/2014SKHHöllviken, SKH's 20 års jubileumStraight Elite6 of 18Michelle Elofsson3+237.75
10/11/2014SKHHöllviken, SKH's 20 års jubileumCrooked Elite13 of 15Michelle Elofsson856.50

Results in hight jump and long jump

4/9/2016SKHKvidingeLong Not elite14 of 42Michelle Elofsson160.0 cm Point Advancement
5/14/2015SKHEslövHigh Not elite6 of 52Michelle Elofsson70.0 cm Prize Point
5/9/2015SKHKlippan, KMLong Not elite11 of 29Michelle Elofsson160.0 cm Point
4/19/2015KoKHSkälby 4H-gård KalmarLong Not elite7 of 25Michelle Elofsson160.0 cm Point
3/28/2015SKHKvidingeHigh Not elite3 of 48Michelle Elofsson70.0 cm Prize Point
3/7/2015SKHKvidingeLong Not elite11 of 36Michelle Elofsson140.0 cm

Competition statistics

AwardsCrooked/Straight12 of 50 (24 %)
AwardsHigh/Long5 of 6 (83.33 %)
Personal recordHigh70.0 cm
Personal recordLong160.0 cm

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